Registered BUELINGO

Krullcrest Farm is located in the NW corner of Iowa. Currently you can find about 50 belties throughout the place. Approximately two-thirds the herd is red belted with the other third being black belted. I started raising BueLingo beef in 2000 and decided to go registered in 2002.¬† BueLingo are most commonly known for their unique “Belted” appearance, however, the breed has proven to be extremely competitive in the feedlots. Buelingo¬†are frequently confused with Belted Galloways, although, there are many differences. To learn about Buelingo . . .

Cattle for sale at most times. Email or call for prices and availability.

Semen from Sheyenne of Flying Cross is available. $10 per straw.

Check out the Photo page to look at a few of my Belties

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